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Anonymous inquired:
At my friends little get together it was just a few of our close guys mates+girls! we decided to watch movies and I was snuggling with this guy! it was dark and he whispered, can we kiss pretty please and so we did awwww he was just the cutest

what awwwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous inquired:
my first boyfriend was when i was 11 in primary school, we dated for 6 months and i remember our first kiss, we were so twelvie omg our friends huddled in a circle so the teachers wouldn't see and i stood in the middle with him. he was so so nervous and kept blushing it was so cute, at first he went to kiss me but someone bumped him and he missed my mouth ahahah, but then he kissed me and it was cute and sweet awh i miss him :( we are still friends now and i go to his house all the time :)

hahahaha aww

Anonymous inquired:
i havent kissed anyone yet, and i dont really mind but idk whats up with my town but literally most girls in the grade kissed like at least 3 different guys in 6th grade


Anonymous inquired:
I really liked this guy called caleb and he found me at a party and said he asked to talk to me and before i new it he was kissing me and after he said that i was the most beautiful girl in this room and kissed me again we have been togather for 2 years :))

Caleb is my favourite name, that is like my dream

Anonymous inquired:
18 and 4 kids???? are i serious anon, wow, when did u get ur first kid?
Anonymous inquired:
i fuck some dick and got preggas now ive had 4 kids and im 18 :)

oh cool cool

Anonymous inquired:
First kiss was hilarious actually, so we were at a school dance and me + my other two friends who had never kissed anyone made a promise that if one of us kissed a boy, we all had too, anyway time went by and my friend kissed this guy so next minute me and all my friends literally grabbed the closest guy and kissed them hahahahahahaa it was such a funny night


Anonymous inquired:
awwwwwwh reading all these stories is reminding me of when i felt like kissing someone for the first time in all its romantic glory. like before i fell into the drunk-teenage-house-party stage and boys became like a score chart! this isn't a bad thing, its part of life haha, but i can't wait until i feel like some one is that special again, like kissing them is a moment to capture :')

aww yeah :’))

Anonymous inquired:
i snuck out at 1am to meet a tourist guy at the beach i had met a few days before, we layed on the beach til 4am and we walked home with our arms around each other, when it was time to go different ways we hugged and i went to look at him and then it just happened and it wasn't just a peck

omg that’s so romantic

Anonymous inquired:
Kissing gives me butterflies<3

aw same :’)